Hello. Welcome to the online home of the indie record label Carbine Records. Founded in 1999, Carbine Records was created with the goal of searching out the best music the indie and underground scene has to offer. Today Carbine Records continues this tradition of promoting small bands. What the future will hold is unknown, but Carbine Records makes the promise that it will sound good.

The new website is up! The design is quite minimalistic, which is a good fit for Carbine Records. Right now, most of the links are currently not functional, and things like band bios will slowly by phased in over time as they are completed. Although the website content is still not quite complete, Carbine Records is busy at work. Albeezia, Teflex, and Kettles on Fire are all currently in the studio, and Born to Brothel's new LP will be available on vinyl and CD in the Spring. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.
--posted by Rick @ 12/09/05.
$5.16 Is Your Change
The Admiral's Letters
Born To Brothels
Conspiracy Theory on Olympus
Cup Of Whoa
Dirt Bikes Are Still Cool
First Class 41
Gazebo Martyr
Going On Adventures
Ivory Gasoline
Kettles On Fire
Living In Sand
Logan Avenue
Made In China
Negative to Plus Ten
Sondra's Wave
Spectacular Gumdrops
Stars Ablaze Over Olympia
The Sticks of Dynamite
Walls of Jericho
We've Been To Europe
Worldwide Expansionist Playground

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Stars Ablaze Over Olympia, Duckmarch

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